CPM 1.0 build 30 on Windows 7

Installed: first error. Memory management? ???
After that, running the program (clicking it), does nothing.

Also livePCsupport alerts about the service interaction with the desktop.

Does anybody know how “Allow Service to interact with desktop”?

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Same livePCsupport error here while trying to uinstall Comodo Cloud Scanner:

The livePCsupport dialog also isn’t translated completely and there’s a space missing: operatorto


Please check if in the following registry location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows, the key NoInteractiveServices has value 0 or 1.

Thank you.

It has 0 value.
Should I set 1 and test again?
Thanks for the support.


No, actually just check to see if “Interactive Services Detection” in Services is started or not. If it isn’t, please start it and then test again.

Many thanks.

The “Interactive Services Detection” is not running on all my machines.

Btw: If you have a localized Windows version and don’t know which service to look for, type “sc qc UI0Detect” in the command line and it shows you the service’s display name.

Done. Installed.
The interface does not come up.
livePCsupport shows the same error on screenshot-83.

Testing build 30.
It does not give me a BSOD (yet).

The interface never open.
I received an error message (screenshot). The application crash when started.

How can I solve this? Help please!

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Testing in a VirtualBox XP, version 30 could not be correctly installed over 17 beta. The installation fails. The setup started automatically on next reboot.

After the installation goes successfully, THE COMPUTER RESTARTS WITHOUT WARNING.
. The reboot now option does not call user attention, it’s there but it the bottom left of the window.

There is no service interaction with the desktop in the build 30.The screens that you have posted seem to me that they come from build 27.

The installation does not fail.It just needs reboot so that the previews version can be safely removed.

Well. I’ve uninstalled CPM. Boot.
Uninstalled CTM. Boot.
Install the latest CPM. Boot. After boot, a new UAC windows was allowed.
When I try to open the program, nothing happens.
The process stays there, running, but the interface never appears.

I give up…

Reinstall CTM…

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Munteanu Dorin helped me to run a special build of CPM (number 33).
We still do not fully understand what was blocking the application interface to be shown.

The “Programs” tab stays on “calculation” for ever ???

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We identified the faulty module but further inquiry will be needed to resolve the issue. We still need support from you and hopefully by the end of this day the problem will be gone.
We will keep in touch.

Thank you

This build was specifically designed to identify the modules that were blocked from an external application you have installed on your machine. Next, we’ll send you another build with debug messages in key places at the application module and features module (that also fails on your system). Please copy this tiny application to monitor the the Debug Output from CPM. Send me a pm when ready. Don’t forget to delete what I sent you until now (previous builds), and uninstall free VNC since it opens ports 5800, 5900 and 6000 (and more if you have more than one display) on your system leaving them vulnerable since the connection in the free version is unencrypted and it lost it’s purpose anyway thanks to LogMeIn.


Where do I save (extract) the files?

Do you mean build 33 also? The last you’ve sent me?

I’ve uninstalled LogMeIn as the free version does not allow to invite people anymore. Shame.
I’ll try to use Windows Remote Assistance if we need it again.

Sorry to say, as I’ll be traveling for 6 days. I’ll be out of testing this time. We can continue later.

You can extract them in Program Files, make a folder DebugView. And just put a shortcut in your start menu for easy access.

Yes. Since it will become deprecated.

More details by PM.


Files added.
More details by PM.

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Using the files from you we were able to fix the main issue… WinBubble had some invalid entries in the registry that were causing the crash.

Thank you for the support,