CPM 1.0 Build 30 Insists on Phoning Home

I noticed that languy99 was using CPM 1.0 Build 30 and used the link he provided to download and install it on my new Win 7 x64 desktop. The program installation was very quick and after restarting my computer I opened CPM and it immediately requested to access the internet. I decided to block the request as I am not fond of chatty programs to see what would happen and to my surprise CPM closed as a result. I tried several times to restart CPM, but without internet access it refused to run.

Initially I was very interested in using the features that CPM has, but I am wondering why it will not run without internet access. Does anyone know what kind of information or if any information is being gathered or if this is just to keep in contact with the Cloud Scanner?

I just got done installing dozens of programs on my new computer in a short period of time and most of them requested internet access and in each case I instructed the Comodo Firewall Pro not to let any of them phone home and yet all of them ran perfectly with the only exception being CPM 1.0.Build 30.


well it needs access to cloud scanner and also to check for windows updates. I don’t know what else but this is what I know of as of right now.

From what I’ve heard others say CPM crashes on its own even with firewall permissions enabled. I hope that this program gets fixed so that it runs well enough to test out.



If no internet connection is present ‘No internet connection’ should pop up in the update status of the home screen. We only need internet access for Windows updates, Application updates (CCS), CPM update (if checked in settings), LPS setup installation and RSS feeds. Also there is a advertisement (inactive for now) for various recommended Comodo products (this also needs internet connection).