CPM 1.0 Build 30 doesn't monitor "packaged" installs

CPM 1.0_30 doesn’t monitor the installation of CPM created installer packages.

I installed an app using CPM and it was correctly monitored (thanks for fixing that so promptly BTW). I successfully created an installer package of that app and then uninstalled it using CPM. I rebooted and then double clicked the installer package to reinstall the app. The app reinstalled correctly, but it now reports as not monitored in CPM.

Wouldn’t it make sense to make the installation packages automatically monitored when restored??

Further testing results in the following;

  1. After installing packaged app, I uninstalled it using CPM
  2. CPM application window was left open
  3. Right clicked on the package installer and selected “Install and monitor using CPM”
  4. Package installed correctly
  5. Programs list in CPM window was not updated
  6. Package installed app does not appear in the programs list
  7. Closing and reopening CPM does not cause the programs list to be updated
  8. Package installed app still does not show up in list of programs
  9. Package installed app similarly does not appear in the Control Panel list of installed programs
  10. I now have an app that cannot be uninstalled by an uninstaller (CPM or Control Panel)
  11. I have attempted to reinstall the package over the top of the installed app but no change
  12. ??? ???

Ewen :slight_smile: