Cpilsuite and Comodo Firewall

Hi guys, newbie here.
I recently switched to Comodo FW after having used Sygate personal FW like forever.
The reason I decided to change FW was I stumbled upon a website, matousec.com (whose mission is to check and rank the best and worst FW out there) that put Comodo FW among the best. And Sygate FW was way down on the list which scared me off.

Of course I’ve downloaded the Cpilsuite also, and did a check.
So, instead of declaring that the Comodo FW failed the test (more than 50% of this forum seem to consist of questions on why the FW leaked), my questions are:

  1. When I perform Test 1, the CFW warns me that Skype (!) has requested to gain access to internet, and that this is potentially hazardous since some dll associated with Cpilsuite has attempted to inject into the main program. I deny access and almost immediately I get another warning asking whether I want internet explorer to gain access to internet, with the same “hijacking” attempt warning (cpil.exe has modified the parent application explorer.exe in memory) as with the Skype application. Why does it do this twice, and why Skype?

  2. When I deny access, the internet explorer doesn’t show any message that I’ve passed or failed the test - the connection is simply lost (“cannot find server…” the very same message you get when your internet connection is lost for real, due to some networking error).
    Is it supposed to do this? No “real” - “YOU’VE PASSED THE TEST” message whatsoever?

(of course, if I let the “hijacked” browser gain access to internet, I get the “You’ve leaked/failed” message.

  1. Test 2 + 3 seem to work but often the wrong browser open (Firefox) and sometimes no browser opens. I am happy with that, since the Comodo FW seems to pass Test 1 with flying colors, which Sygate FW didn’t. (Sygate FW didn’t even warn me - the comodo website opened automatically and displayed the “YOU’VE LEAKED/FAILED” message) So, if Test 1 is okay, security is basically ok?