cpil test 1, 2 & 3..some questions

Since you referred to version I am posting in this thread.

I have installed version on an absolutely fresh installation of Win-XP SP2. I downloaded and ran the cpil test 1, 2 & 3. On test 1 there was no response from the browser. On test 2 my default browser opened Comodo’s warning page informing me of the leakage as well as 2 other pages. I did not get any popup warning on the test 2. Test 3 simply did not run except a warning message that IE could not be opened.

My setting in the firewall is set at default learning mode. I am worried about how it would behave in real world situation.

Regardless of anything why am I not getting any popup message when I do for other applications like Skype & EMSA Time Synchronizer & NOD32 anti virus accessing the internet.

Would really appreciate your response.

With Component Monitor set to Learn, you will not receive popups for modifications to these components (such as occur with leaktests). If you want to do leaktests you will need to switch CompMon to On and click Apply. Reboot and then play…

Also, when running leaktests, you will need to reboot between tests, and any alerts you get should be denied. Any alerts.


I installed the current latest version on a fresh Server 2003 installation also. On this I get proper response of the popup but not on the XP installation. I at first disabled all the addons, then uninstalled them still the same behaviour.

I have installed a number of other applications on this XP installation. Over the next couple of days I will start from scratch without any additional software installed & then come back with what I find.

BTW there was a plugin manager from EasyBit Software in 3.0.x.x version Skype I raed about in ZDNet that was doing some snooping in the background. It is supposed to have been removed from the current version but I still see a file named ezPMUtils.dll attributed to this company being loaded by Skype & the version number is 1.0.

Any ideas or information about this?