cpil suite leak tests

I have just tested the comodo firewall with the “cpil suite”.

Leaktest 1 is not blocked and my pc connects to the comodo homepage.

This should not be done???

Thanks for answering me


Hello Karniaris, Welcome to the forums!

What mode are you running D+ and Firewall in?

I run defence +
network defense: custom policy mode
proactive defense: clean pc mode

Thank you Karniaris,

Was CPL suit already on your computer before you installed CPF3?

Clean pc mode: It assumes that everything on your PC is safe and will grant them access - It will ask you questions about new programs that touch your system, such as downloading or USB, CD etc.

Try this for me, Switch D+ into safe mode.

Comodo → defense+ → Advanced → computer security policy → Now look for CPIL Suite, and delete it’s entries.
Comodo → Firewall → Advanced → network security policy → Now look for CPIL Suite, and delete it’s entries.

Now run your test. Let me know how it goes - Hope this helps

I have delted the items

and changed both (!!!) network defense and proactive defense to “safe mode”.

I run the tests cpilsuite.

The firewall stopps the connection coorectly!!!

Youz are great. Thanks a lot for helping.

Is the “safe mode” correct for both network and proactive defense?

Thank you very very much


Glad I could help Karniaris :slight_smile:

Yes most people use Safe mode - it’s more secure than clean Pc mode.

I am german and use the firewall for about a year now.

it´s great and I love it. I am very happy that I learnt to switch into safe mode, which is safer.

Thanka a lot.

A last little qusetion: matousek tested an older version (22) with “only” 95% security.

Is an update planned to get the 100% again???

Very nice English then :slight_smile:

There is a topic somewhere about this on these forums. I’ll post back soon.