Hello you all.

I received the requet of approval from the firewall for the fiel cpfsubmit.exe.
I searched for it on the net and I have been sent to COMODO. I searched in the forum for infos, but the feed back is definitely un-comprehensible to me.
Should i let it in? Or shouldn’t I?

Thank you!

Hi alfredo, welcome to the forums.

Allow it, cpfsubmit is indeed part of CPF. It is the Files Submission Utility that allows you to send files to Comodo for white-listing or checking.

sorry kail.
i thought the firewall was configured to accept its own files…

and, as I’m here, i am experiencing probs either wit outlook express and FireFox.
if i disable the fw it works. if i set it to perform correctly, it does not!
the same with :slight_smile:

No need to apologise, I think you’re right… CFP should known its own executables.

On the OE/FF problem, check CFPs Log. If CFP is blocking something then it will be in the Log & it will also state exactly which section is blocking it & what is being blocked.

you’re right: you’re misunderstood! :smiley:
I do understand what you say, but i don’t have the faintest idea of how to do that!

  1. where do i find the log? I checked in programs/comodo, but didn’t find anything! :-[
    2.i can’t imagine what i might do with the log, however, as soon as i’ll get into it, either i’ll understand or i’ll write you back!
    ciao + thanx

Thanks for the misunderstood vote! ;D

Open CFP (right click on the systray icon & select Open…), click on the Activity tab & then the Log tab.

If you need help with the Log contents, then right click on the Log page & select Export HTML… Create an HTML file & open it with your browser. You should be able to do a simple cut ‘n’ paste with the contents. Remember to mask out any private IP addresses that you might have.

OK: Did it, but the log page is blank!

That maybe because you tried it 2 days later. CFPs Log, by default, only displays the last 24 hours (marked as “Today” on the drop-down box). Or, it maybe because you rebooted your system & lost the Log (some users find that the Log is lost unless they manually exit CFP before a reboot). So, you will need to either alter the drop-down box to display a longer time period or re-create the problem.