CPF's ability to reconize over 1 milloin programs?

I’m new to Comodo fw. I have just switched from Zone Alarm. One of the things that surprized me was the fact that Comodo fw does not reconize BOClean. This is the anti-Malware software offered by Comodo!
I’ve submitted the files to Comodo and the fire wall does not have any info about it. As well, it appears to interfer with the firewall performance because since I’ve installed BOClean, Comodo firewall keeps encountering an error and needs to close.
Has anyone else noticed this ?

For some reason, BOC has not yet been digitally signed. I would think that it should be recognized by CFP even so, but that is not the case so far. The problem with BOC and CFP is that BOC tries to inspect the CFP processes in memory. That does not cause my installation to crash, but every system has its differences. You can prevent this from happening by putting the CFP processes on the BOC Program Excluder. to do this, right-click the BOC tray icon and select Program Excluder (The first time I did this, I could not see the entry until I resized the menu window by dragging the bottom frame down). On the Excluder window, click File on the menu bar and choose File Explorer. On the Explorer window, navigate to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall and then drag each of the CFP exe’s onto the Excluder window in the background (all the files with the shield icon and cmdagent.exe). Then close the File Explorer window and click Done on the Excluder and close the BOC menu.