cpfres.dll issue v3.0.16.295 REVISITED maybe related Windows Update (XP 32bits)

Hi everyone :

Today I performed my monthly usual Windows Update, when it asked me to reboot my PC , again appeared the infamous cpfres.dll issue. So I tell you what happened

I had the CPF main windows and the active connection windows opened, both opened when I performed the reboot, maybe that triggered the cpfres.dll issue

After I was haunted by that error. I indeed beg your pardon, but that error always put me nervious. So I tried to recreated leaving the COMODO CPF opened with the active connection windows, I rebooted and nothing.


Maybe when you are performing the Windows Update and you leave the CPF window opened. At the next booting, COMODO finds some unexpected changes that aren’t covered and the GUI crashes , just I’m guessing


I’m not complaining about CPF, please, understand this, in fact I’m three month ago here in this forum, I’ve never participated in a forum in a such way.

QUESTION : (Especially to the mods, to Melih and the developement team)

Any ideas ???. Thanks in advance[/b]

WindowsXP SP2, 32bits


(B) (R) (V) :■■■■

Hi everyone

Today at boot time again it happened again, but I remember that I didn’t touch COMODO, so I said “this error again in a row???” but at night when I’ve got connected to Internet , a balloon informed of the new version. So I thought the following, at bootstart randomly times the autoupdater tries to connect to COMODO Servers, but as I have a dial-up connection, the autoupdater MAYBE triggers the cpfres.dll. I don’t know perhaps is a real possibility. This issue drive me nuts.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance
MiguelAngelXP (B) (R) (V)

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Same 2 x error messages at cold start that first appeared with previous CFP beta (3.x) installation and problem is not resolved by rebooting

Brief details:

  • I’m running a clean install (reformat) of Win XP2 Pro with these Comodo Products:

CFP v3.0.17.304;
CAV v2.0.17.58;
BOC v4.25

  • Other security software:

Spybot S&D’s “Tea timer”
Javacool’s “Spyware Blaster”

  • These are the 2 x Error Messages at boot up:

(i) cfpres Error 0x0: failed for C:\Documents and Settings{my name}\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles\Config.ini

(click OK, and then…)

(ii) Error while extracting resources from C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfpres.dll. Aborting application

  • Attempted fix: I uninstalled all 3 Comodo products (via Control Panel) followed by manual searches of both Registry and Windows Explorer to remove any and all references - than ran a registry cleaning utility. Problem persists following clean install of 3 Comodo products

Oh well…(:NRD)

  • After clearing 2 x error messages I start CFP manually via shortcut icon

It’s all good…(L)