cpfres.dll could not be loaded

Latest update causes complete crash of comodo firewall on W2k build 5.00.2195 SP4.
Error message “cpfres.dll could not be loaded”.
To get the version of what ever the updater managed to download the file version on the files seems to mostly be 2.3.n.n.
I’ll try to uninstall and install comodo again but it feels little hard though (not happy ). Until now Comodo has been better than Norton ( that behaved almost the same after a cuple of years in use, ( I don’t reinstall all the time)) that’s why i canged from Norton to Comodo.


I’m on the same OS as you. That file, cpfres.dll, should have the following details (available from explorer properties)…

Size: 1.67 MB (1,761,280 bytes)
Created: 08 September 2006, 18:42:05
Modified: 08 September 2006, 18:42:03

File Version:
Description: Resource dll for Comodo Firewall
Product Version:

If yours is different, then it could have been corrupted or something. Unless, something is stopping cpfres.dll from loading… anything in the windows error logs?

Figured I would bump this instead of making a new topic.

I’m having the same problem as the OP, using XP SP2. One admin account and one user account.

I did fiddle with the NTFS permissions to lock down the OS like I usually do, gave the Comodo folder full user access but didn’t help.

Does anyone know what could cause it from failing to load for the user account? Any extra user permissions I should set for files?

I’m having to use RunAs temporarily which is obviously very unsecure.