CPFRES 0x0 : The CPF engine/driver and the GUI should be splitted in 2 processes

To Melih and developement team
To all users in general

Today I couldn’t sleep, the cpfres.dll 0x0 crash is haunting me. So how I couldn’t sleep my mind lit the lamp, and I think how can it solved :slight_smile:

I’ll try to figure how CPF loads at boot time,

Current Scenario

Is not coincidence at all that cpfres.dll 0x0 issue is triggered at the Windows Startup. Everything its loaded at Startup (CPF engine, the configuration and the GUI). And how it is modeled the GUI it delays the loading, so if the cpfres.dll misses one graphic file that is part of the GUI then it will simply crash, so I wonder why the cpfres.dll issue occurs always at the Startup???, I think because sometimes the CPF loading get so stressed that sometimes it crashes

Would-Be Scenario

  1. First it would be loaded the CPF Engine, then the configuration files (including the tray icon of course at Windows StartUp

  2. On the user request (Clicking the Tray Icon, Right Button Open option, Desktop Icon, StartUp Menu Icon) the cpfres.dll (Library) will load the graphic files that forms the GUI and a window would tell show to us (the users) a legend some like this during GUI loading

[b]2 ideas a and b

a) “Please be patient , while the GUI is loading…” showing a Progress Bar
b) "Loading … " + the name of the file loading or all the files required for the GUI to work as Adobe products and the Progress Bar

And so on…

So after that the GUI will be ready

To recycle code you can use the Reminder Window of the Installation Mode


[b]Bottom line

Split the process of loading CPF in two separate processes

  1. The Engine, and Configuration Files
  2. The GUI

Kindly regards
MiguelAngelXP (B) (R) (V)

Give this a try, maybe that can solve those problems at the moment. It’s a problem when Windows will start everything at the same time.

Startup Delayer:

It works very good for me since many years.

Hi Snowhawk :

Thanks a lot I’ll give it a try. That infamous cpfres.dll its like to shaving every morning a you cut yourself. Its the same painful sensation

I updated to

I was wondering which the cpfres.dll issue root and I think the autoupdate gave me a clue. When the autoupdater does a ping to the COMODO Servers and you’re disconnected (dial-up connection) it crashes, neverthless I post this part of the message where it belongs


(B) (R) (V)

Thanks a lot, I liked the program so the startup process is really ordered, so thanks a lot. I owe you one buddy :■■■■


(B) (R) (V) :■■■■

Your’e welcome :■■■■ :■■■■