cpfre.dll Error Messages on Bootup

Installed Comodo Firewall v3 recently and everything went okay. Yesterday on boot up I received an error message stating that the CFP Configuration.bmp file couldn’t be found clicked OK and the programme started okay.

Today on boot up I received the error message;
Error 0x0: Failed for C:\Documents and Settings\ My name\Application Data\Comodo\firewall Pro\Data\Resfiles\hips_tasks_quarfiles_32.ico. Clicked OK and the following error message came up.
Error: Error while extracting resources from C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cfpres.dll. Aborting Application.

Rebooted and received Error 0x0: Failed for C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Resfiles\configure_stealth_settings.ico. Clicked OK and the following error message came up.
Error: Error while extracting resources from C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cfpres.dll. Aborting Application.

Windows XP Home SP2

I’ve reverted back to a previous image made prior to installing Comodo Pro v3 but would like to use the new version. Any help in resolving the problem would be most appreciated.

same issue here:

I’ve now installed version and everything is working fine without any error messages.

Thanks Comodo (:LOV)

lucky you I never had the issue before I installed the new version. I’ve actually had it twice, and I’m not sure whether the beta was installed the first time it happened, or if I had already switched to 276. The second time was today, so definitely on 276.

And here


Seems I spoke to soon…On boot up today the error messages returned. Look like I’m going back to version 2.4, this time for good.

I don’t seem to find the solution to the posted error message(s). I installed just this week, and now I’m getting these fpres.dll and failedfor c:\Documents and Settings/MyName.… error messages. How do I fix them?

Thanks for any help. (:CLP)

I’ve been getting similar messages like this too on bootups (most but not every time), however when this happens it’s ALWAYS on the 1st cold bootup. When the errors come up I click OK to both errors and immediatley do a “start, restart” and boot the computer again. This time no error comes up. I’ve been tempted to do an uninstall and resintall but I would rather leave well enough alone while this is working. If something screws up more I’ll do a reinstall. Just for my own curiosity I tried a leak test when this came up and it didn’t pass. I rebooted and tried the test again (after no errors came up) and it passed. There is always a possibility I didn’t do the two tests the same.

I’m using XP. Originally installed the 276 version then ran an update about a week or so later and Comodo found an update and installed it.

That’s about all I can say for right now. I’ll keep this checked to see if anyone finds a fix.

that will probably be fixed in the next release in a few days

I took the time to write it down this morning.

Error 0X0 failed for c:\Documents and Settings\Donnie\Application Data\Comodo|Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles\misc_btn.ico

Error: Error while extracting rescources from c:\Program Files\COMOCO\Firewall\cfpres.dll. Aborting application.

What is the misc_btn.ico? Maybe the icon? Also I went to another section of the forum about a similar “btn” problem and the writer stated that 100% sure a reinstall would not fix and the entire setup of all programs would have to be approved again.

Never the less clicking OK to each error and then a “Start,restart” reboot solves all the errors upon the second reboot.

I hope this can be resolved in the next update as stated.

just adding my 2.2c in here too…

same message(s) as above. Using (according to the Updater) the latest version

This is on my wife’s machine, XP/SP3, Avast4 and of course, Comodo FW.

Is there an e.t.a. on the fix for this?

My workaround is to (re-)start CFW manually, but I am about to try within the user ‘start programs’.

other than this little hiccough that startles my beloved, a great product.



I installed an update for Comodo Firewall. fullyt expecting this to be resolved.

It wasn’t.

It also trashed my wife’s settings that we’d spent several weeks getting set up, we’re in the midst of going through training the firewall all over. Yes, I recall that there was an option to transfer the settings over, but the question was phrased (I felt) in such a manner that the natural response was to trash them all.

Maybe I should re-think this piece of (rapidly becoming in my eyes) crud.

Pity too…


Try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall. You can export your settings first.


I’ve also been occasionally getting the same pair of error messages on boot; the longer the system has been idle, the more likely the messages are to appear. I’ve read the comprehensive instructions for a complete uninstall and would say this…

There is no reason why multiple users should have to go mucking about in their registries to try to fix a well-documented bug in a new bit of software. All of us who posted have the same bother and I will bet that there are many more users who share our situation but who do not even know how to reach this board to comment. The problem began with v3.x. It can be corrected if the developers are willing to try to locate it.I will also return to the last build of version 2.4.

I actually never have to use the comprehensive uninstall procedure. Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode works just fine for me.