CPF8 and D+ problem

I have just upgraded to CPF8 and reused my firewall profile from previous version.
Firewall seems working as expected but I encounter various performance and functioning problems since upgrade:

  • some installed applications sometimes start and sometimes not (Techsmith Snagit complains unable to start SnagPriv.exe - privilegue level changed to allowed application, still complaining, HIPS deactivated, still complaining)
  • performance issues (web browser sometimes having great lags, CPF control panel lagging sometimes)

As last instance I turned off all D+ modules-HIPS, Sandbox, Rating by cloud, the nonrunning app persists still
How can I make it running reliably again? (I don’t need D+ and rather would have all this deactivated all the time)
I wasn’t experiencing these issues on CPF7 though had D+ deactivated too.

In addition I mention higher CPU load in idle states, fan is ON even if no demanding programs run and no specialy activity is performed. I suspect this might be due D+ too.

It is generally advised to do clean install of CIS major version update (like from 7 to 8 ) to avoid various glitches caused by old config because there are usually big differences how each new major versioin works.

So, please do a clean install without importing config, and see if probles are still there.

Too baad
Full uninstall, then install cfw from scratch. Firewall starts with completely clean configuration making dozens of popups appear. Configuring all from new wouldn’t be so bad if the regarded app would start…it doesn’t. I tried to make repair of the Snagit, no go.
On clean Windows 10 beta install I did a trial CIS setup for curiosity, installed Snagit and it can run regardless of HIPS mode.
So the problem here is some conflict with Snagit and CIS driver and old Windows instance. I would be happy if I could separate the firewall driver from HIPS driver and uninstall the HIPS. Running the app directly from file manager seems start the app successfully. The problem only occurs if starting the app from Start Menu or Quicklaunch icon or Explorer.
Any other solutions? Sure I wouldn’t do a clean of my existing Windows.