Hi Just installed CFP3 with proactive defence. How long should I leave PD in safemode also which would be the better choice to compliment my setup boclean or spywareterminator? Setup Cmf, Nod32, Cpf3 as above. Maybe I should return to former setup of Cmf, Nod32, Cfp2.4, ST with HIPS? Thanks

‘Safe Mode’ should be the permanent one as Comodo will give automatic permissions to ‘Safe’ programs in the Comodo Whitelist… If you actually wish that Comodo ‘learns’ what you wish to run in your computer… you can keep Defense+ in ‘training mode’ and run the program… Comodo will learn the program and give automatic permissions to those programs… However, it is recommended to return to ‘Safe Mode’ as it is better for your own security.

AFAIK, Spyware Terminator also has HIPS similar to Defense+. IMHO, CIS HIPS is better than Spyware Terminator. If you wish to bust ‘malware’ SuperAntispyware and Malware Bytes Antimalware is recommended by most people in this forum, which you can give a try.

You can also give BOClean a try.

Thanks I was thinking of realtime protection! ie ST without HIPS or Boclean? SAS & MBAM are both supposed too use too much resources in realtime so like most I do use these on demand. Maybe I should give Avira premium a try until cavs is fully fighting fit that is.

CIS Av s not that bad (i think 88) )but if you’re not sure, why not use CIS (firewall & D+,no AV), Spyware terminator & avira free realtime.
it’s cheaper than using avira premium. you can save your money to buy errr, PS3 perhaps 88)

Well I already got nod! As for ps3 LFC & The Stranglers are my indulgence oh & the pub ofcourse I am old enough to frequent a public house of my desire!

[quote author=stuartm link=topic=34299.msg247218#msg247218 date=1234453689]
Well I already got nod! As for ps3 LFC & The Stranglers are my indulgence oh & the pub ofcourse I am old enough to frequent a public house of my desire!


if you want realtime, then maybe add spyware terminator (no hips)?

hmm, i don’t think this is a good choice.not that i know much ofcourse, but:

  1. CFP2,4 is a dead (no longer developed) product.that’s why we have CIS right now.
  2. CIS already have Defense+ & it’s much better than plain anti-exe like ST’s HIPS

if you already have NOD32, why do you need avira? ???

Because when its set to advanced heuristics everything slows my documents hangs if I scan anything in it.

use avast ;D free, no need to buy avira premium, no need standalone ST.everybody’s happy (:HUG)

Avast installed that on a mates laptop after I,d made a drive image in case of emergency. Guess what avast flags it as a trojan!

hmm, picky picky 88) ;D
maybe you should really go with avira premium or avira free + ST (no HIPS).

i’m currently using CIS (complete) - realtime
on demand:

No harm in trying the free route apart from 11 months nod to run! Bitdefender on demand tried that about 2 years ago made an old system of mine hang on boot admittedly it wasn’t that powerful a machine. Have you tried Drweb on demand? It brought a machine to life that wouldn’t load anything apart from Drweb ps I am not advertising this utility just saying how useful it is! Perhaps comodo could have something similar.

i’m the opposite of you 88) my PC freeze when i was trying to scan with drweb.
so what are you planning to do now? ;D

looks like you’ve narrowed down your choice to avira premium or avira free + ST 88)

Give them both a trial see if its any better than what I have Thanks

Hi Installed cpf3 latest version along with nod (advanced heuristics) boclean & things seem to have settled down. Maybe there were too many conflicts main offender to me seems to be ST.

I think that is a good choice… ST is a good product for realtime protection… but with CIS… I think all those functions are done by CIS in a better way. So no need to have that real time functionality of ST…