CPF3 without Defense+?

Firstly, I’d post this in the 32 bit forum help/support but for some reason there is not POST TOPIC or NEW TOPIC on that forum.

My question is… Can I use the latest CPF3 Alpha Firewall on it’s own and disable the Defense+???

Is the firewall part of it stable enough to rely on?

I just want better protection even though I like 2.4 but feeling outdated while everyone else is playing with the alpha versions.

The primary reason I ask is because we now have two machines. One with Vista and one with XP and I’d like them both to have the same security setup.


Not really everyone else is playing around with the alpha, probably not many at all. But why would you like to disable Defense+? If so, then 2.4 should be a perfect version for your XP machine? It’s not outdated, you’re not outdated :wink:

As for your Vista machine, if it’s stable enough, I can’t tell.


Comodo 3 Alpha works pretty stable here on Wista. I haven’t had a BSOD.

Hi EricEgan. I’m glad you brought that up about the inability to start topics on that new board. I’ll open the permissions up for regular members.