CPF3 WIN32-Apllication Error

I have CPF2.x installed and upgraded to CPF3.x!
Today i uninstalled the CPF3.x and wont to install it new!

But after installation and reboot i get an error when i click on the CPF.exe …

CPF.exe is not an allowed WIN32 application!
In German: CPF.exe is keine zulässige Win32 Anwendung!

Please help !!!

You either downloaded 64 bit version of the firewall, or your download wasn’t full :SMLR

OK i downloaded it twice.
Both downloads are the same problem.

AFTER install and reboot i get this error…

I’ve downloaded this file:

Maybe U should try cleaning abit. U can use CCleaner. Than try RegCleaner (also free). These programs should remove unused registry entries. It’s just my guess. ;D