CPF3: What's the use of the "Remove"-Button in "Pending Files"?

Hi there!

To make it short - I like the new CPF 3 (in it’s 276 build), but there is one thing I don’t understand:

What happens with files which are removed from “Pending Files” via the “Remove”-Button? Are they automatically to be considered “safe”?

Defense+ is in “Clean PC-Mode” in my configuration.



The Remove button just takes the files off the list. The programs will not generate rules until they are executed - unless they are defined as safe, either by the Lookup in the Pending Files list or by yourself (My Own Safe Programs/Define a New Trusted Application). The process for dealing with the Pending files list is:
Purge - this just removes files that are no longer on your hard drive
Lookup - this refers to Comodo’s database to see if the file is a safe file or known
Submit - This sends a copy of the file to Comodo for analysis
Remove - clears the selected files from the list.