CPF3 & Vista & Lexmark Printing

I have a problem with my lexmark.
When i print out an document, the printout do not end in the Spooler!
Only after restarting the spooler service it ends…

Without CPF 3.x installed it works perfect.
After installing CPF3.x i have this behaviour.

spoolsv.exe are in the application rule with action ALLOW!

There is a problem beetween CPF3 and the spooler service i think?

Please help!



Is there anything in your logs? If you are unsure please post a screen shot.

Comodo → Fire wall → Events
Comodo → Defense+ → Events

Good Day!

I have this problem too… The spooler service for printing locally or through a network with the firewall enabled it causes spoolsv.exe to hog the cpu and sometimes printing is not working at all!

First you have to make sure that you have defined a trusted network and make sure printers and files are shared… This is if you are printing over a network… Ofcourse you need to tell defense + not to interfere when you are printing, but I guess you already done that…

To find a cause, you can do what KYLE is saying, check the logs to see if you can find something that can explain this strange behavior… This could be a new bug… But I am not sure of this…

A more radical solution is to temporarily disable the firewall, when printing…

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Lexmark printers are hopeless, i had loads of problems with mine before i decided to end it’s sorry existance…i took it secluded wood and beat the living daylights out of it with a huge peice of wood, the remnants were put into a plastic bag and thrown into a neighbours garden (i’m kidding about the last bit!)
I know that this post has offered you little in the way of help but anytime anybody mentions the word Lexmark my blood pressure starts to rise to an alarming level and this post is my way of letting off steam…if i hadn’t made this post the chances are that i would be drinking liquid food through a straw after suffering an amazingly catastrophic stroke!!!

I feel better now but to be on the safe side i’d better go and take a lie down in a darkened room…can’t be too careful :smiley:

There is no entries in the event logs :frowning:
Defense + is disabled.

CPF is prompting with the spoolsv.exe program and with ALLOW and remember the printer is start printing.
At the end of printing the lexmark printing status stays on the screen.
In the spooler the status is → deleting - printed!

When i disable the firewall i have the same behavior ?!?!
Only when i deinstall CPF the printing is working!!

what about disabling D+ ?

D+ is already disabled!

As noted, he has already done that.
It sounds like a conflict issue. Have the drivers been recently updated?

The Lexmark drivers are the newest from the website.
I have a lexmark x1170 and on the lexmark site i have downloaded the vista drivers.

Bevore i had win xp on my pc without problems.
Since i have installed Vista on my pc i have this problem with CPF :frowning:

I initially had issues with my X5495 Lexmark. Updated drivers resolved my issue, though. I am sorry to hear they didn’t do the same for you.

But the problem could not be the lexmark drivers.
Because without CPF 3.x installed the printing works perfect !

So it is an issue from CPF ?!

I think indeed CFP is interfering when you are printing… check the logs of the pc to see what is happening when you are printing… you can find the logs by right clicking my computer and choose for manage…

Let me know what you are seeing…

I found something strange text:
Protokollname: System
Quelle: Service Control Manager
Datum: 29.09.2008 14:58:54
Ereignis-ID: 7030
Ebene: Fehler
Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend
Computer: PCCOL
Der Dienst “lxbk_device” ist als interaktiver Dienst gekennzeichnet. Das System wurde jedoch so konfiguriert, dass interaktive Dienste nicht möglich sind. Der Dienst wird möglicherweise nicht richtig funktionieren.

I try to translate:
The service “lxbk_device” is an interactive service. The system is configered to dont allow interactive services. It could be that the service not run properly.

Protokollname: System
Quelle: Microsoft-Windows-SpoolerWin32SPL
Datum: 29.09.2008 14:52:46
Ereignis-ID: 4
Ebene: Warnung
Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend
Computer: PCCOL
Der Druckspooler konnte eine vorhandene Druckerverbindung nicht erneut öffnen, weil er die Konfigurationsinformationen aus dem Registrierungsschlüssel S-1-5-18\Printers\Connections nicht lesen konnte. Der Druckspooler konnte den Registerierungsschlüssel nicht öffnen. Es könnte sein, dass der Registrierungsschlüssel beschädigt ist oder fehlt oder dass die Registrierung nicht mehr verfügbar ist.

I try to translate:
Printer spooler could not open an active printer connection because the registry key S-1-5-18\Printers\Connections could not be readed.
The printing spooler could not open the registrykey.

It looks like something is blocking the access of a certain needed registry key and some important services that are needed for the printing process…

This could be some other security software or defense +, if it is defense + you need to tell it to not bother you when you are printing…

  • check the computer security policy in the defense + menu and see if you can find something suspicious…
  • check the active process list using the firewall and look for the spooler service and set it as trusted…
  • Try to go back to default settings by importing a configuration file or deleting rules manually…
  • Do a reinstall of the firewall…

Defense + is deactivated!

spoolsv.exe is already a “trusted application”!

I already reinstalled the firewall.
After deinstalling of the firewall the lexmark is printing and printing :slight_smile:
After reinstalling the CPF lexmark prints only ones and after that i get the status printed - deleting!

My configuration is like Chris’s, Comodo (latest build) with Defense+ disabled. I have a Lexmark x2500 AIO printer on this Vista box. Problems are similar, printing usually leaves a job at 99% and unable to delete or print again afterwards. I was doing a fair bit of research, checking online and changing configuration options and I think I might have a bit of an understanding as to what is happening, but unfortunately I won’t be able to fix it (Save new printer, or getting rid of Comodo).

Lexmark’s printers seem to rely very heavily on bidirectional communications. Printing once and then stopping seems to be the fault of the printer not properly relaying back that it is finished so the job sticks at 99% (the final 1% just being confirmation to the Lexmark spooler). I also noticed on this system that the scanner is stalling randomly during a scan and not recovering.

Where Comodo comes into this is simple. Lexmark routes its communications thru the TCP/IP stack, which Comodo adds a layer to. This seems to me to add just a small amount of latency which Lexmark’s drivers can’t contend with and causes them to hang. Either that or some other compatibility error with how Lexmark’s drivers are communicating, but Comodo seems to be where it hangs, regardless of Policies or if the Firewall is disabled or not.

I don’t blame this problem on Comodo, but on Lexmark. But I don’t believe that a fix is likely to come from them. I am hoping perhaps I’ll fair better with Comodo.

Just to be clear, if you look around at this problem, you’ll see others having switched print processors, turning off advanced printing features and what not. This is where I think Lexmark has had a long standing problem with the bidirectional dependancy. I have a feeling their drivers don’t react well to any form of latency in the communication, or perhaps bad error correction.

I’m pretty tired and I’m not sure how well I communicated this, hoping someone at Comodo can help and that my info might help others.


Exactly the same problem with a Dell box and printer (which I understand are mainly rebadged Lexmarks). The solution mjh215 suggested sounds right as there have always been problems with communication between the PC and printer.

Certainly any amount of reinstalling drivers, as suggested by Dell, has not done anything except raise my blood pressure! The only solution I have found is to reboot the whole thing and, most of the time, get a second copy of the document that was printed just before the dreaded ‘99% hang’.

The scanner works well in ‘Copy’ mode, but no way can I get anything into the PC. The scanning software hangs at about 96% and becomes ‘Not Responding’. And that is it until reboot.

Everything used to be OK until about 4 months ago (I have been using Comodo for over a year now). I always thought that it was a Dell thing, but now I wonder if you guys changed something in CFP during a previous update (The problem still occurs in 3.5 by the way).

Please do not take this as a complaint - I think Comodo is a great piece of work (and free!). However, as there appears little chance of the printer drivers ever getting modded, is there any chance that the Comodo team might look into it? I realise the amount of work you have put into the new CIS, and do not want to burden you even more, but it would be great if a solution could be found. Otherwise Santa may have to bring me a new printer - and not a Lexmark or Dell model!

Steve G