CPF3 Update Hangs at 54%

i’m trying to download an update that cpf3 says is available. each time i initiate the download, it hangs and eventually disconnects at 54% completion with a message that the internet connection has been lost… anyone else noticing this ??

Umm, as far as I know, they didnt release a final update for CPF v.3 All those websites that have it listed as .273 have the beta version released as final. If it’s not released on comodo site, I recommend that you dont touch it.

It’s a good thing! Update is broken, and if you are able to install this one it will revert you back to 3.0.13. Don’t know why it doesn’t work for you; have seen lots of others who accidentally downgraded. :wink:

haha. add me to that list too. after doing a reboot, the download finally completed and, as you say, "downgraded me back to .268
who says computer programs don’t have a sense of humor?