CPF3 My Findings After 5 Days

Thought i’d share a couple likes/dislikes and findings with you all, maybe you can help turn some dislikes to likes. :wink:

  1. I have found that it is far better to install CPF3 on a sys which already has most of its apps pre installed , it makes the training process so much easier , an example is Tuneup utilities which put on after CPF, took an hour or so to train. When i installed Tuneup before CPF3 … well CPF trained it itself in minutes when comodo was later put on , hope you see what i mean here.

  2. I dont like the fact CPF3 lists some visited webpages/links etc in its “My Pending Files” , after clearing my cache with an eraser i find it frustrating to have to then open up CPF to view any remnants in its “Pending Files” Can i set it to ignore webpages etc ?

  3. Training modes ?? My Defense+Security is in “Clean pc mode”
    And Firewall is in “Train with safe mode”

How will i know when to change modes and to what exactly ? will CPF suggest something after a while ?

Thats it. :smiley:

Yeah only 2 questions and one thought !! Everything else is running just fine. So 2 questions after 5 days cant be too bad and is credit to Comodos team and you guys/girls here.


I guess it’s listing the cache and temporary internet files, since it doesn’t list the URLs. I think that you can’t exclude items in My Pending Files (maybe a future feature?), but they’re no harm since they don’t exist anymore, but yes, it’s a bit annoying to clean My Pending Files all the time, also, the adress will still be shown.

CFP won’t suggest you anything, and to be honest, I’m using Paranoid Mode, so I have no idea really what the difference between Clean PC Mode and Train with Safe Mode is.


Thanks for your input.

I just thought id add a question.

Supposing i burn a movie or convert an avi movie file to disk. Should i disable CPF completely or just turn off defense+ ?
I always disable my Antivirus for this task, so thought i’d better ask before attempting a burn.

I always turn Defense+ off since else the burning process gets cancelled for some reason. But there’s absolutely no need to turn off the firewall.


I burn of alot of movies to DVD recordables and also do alot of backup of files and programs to DVD-RW. I never turn off CFP nor do I disable Defense+ the firewall doesn’t interfer at all for me while burning stuff to discs. as I speak I have a movie burning to DVD.

if you find it does for you, then maybe it would be a good idea disabling defense+ or the firewall while you burn stuff to disc, better that than ending up with coasters



Thanks for the suggestions.

As CPF has only been on here for a few days i think i’ll turn Defense+ off to convert movies. Defense hasnt finished analyzing my pc and all its quirks yet, i guess itll take a week or so to really quieten down. Not that i’m complaining, being behind a router and CPF, i dont have to worry about my P2P and torrents so much now. :wink:

Thank you.

CPF3 has been on here for nearly 2 weeks now, using it with my router, no slow downs no conflicts, yeah i have made a few suggestions for future versions , but i have to say i have never loved a firewall as much as Comodo, I still cant really believe its free even though it has been around for so long. Its just great. Even getting used to Defense+ which although i moaned about… i never really wanted to turn off. shhhhhh
Good Job Comodo and Thanks.

Nearly a month now and CPF3 is working great. It seems that there is an initial learning curve, not only for the user but also for CPF3 on your system, if its left to figure out all the ins and outs of your computer and whilst doing that you concentate on learning CPF3 as much as it is learning about your sys then you’ll be all set within a short while.
I’m glad i stuck with it ,even though on occassion i got frustrated with it (mainly because i didnt understand something) no fault of comodo. !
Its a great firewall and will only get better.
And thats it for this thread now i think. :wink:

Agree with you there, a few times I was getting fed up of it learning things, but it was my own fault for reinstalling something, took ages to keep allowing files whilst the installation went on, but now that i have opened/executed every program on my laptop, it dont ask any more questions, and is still running safe pc, plus learning.


Thank you very much for you insightful feedback :slight_smile:

We are glad you like v3 and defense+.

The pending file issue will be addressed very soon. Its a nuisance and we will resolve it.
lets put it this way, it can only get better :slight_smile:

We now have built world’s most secure platform. We are now concentrating on making it easier to use and continue expanding its protection further.


Youre welcome for the feedback.
It was a pleasure. :wink: