CPF3 and Windows Live Messenger WebCam CPU 100%

When i turn on WLM and connect up to my gf’s webcam and have mine on to, the whole system slows down so much it crawls and the CPU usage hits 100% , i tried it all without CPF3 and it remained around 60% and stable.
What can i check to maybe ease this up a bit. ?
Thank you. :wink:

Wnidows Xp Pro 2.3ghz 1Gig RAM

Try to uncheck something/everything under gui->firewall->advanced->attack detection settings.

Thanks, will try goodbrazer. Hope youre doing ok. :wink:

Everything was unticked ???

Maybe it is D+ which causes CPU load in this case. One possible reason it conflicts with some running programs. So try to close them and see if it helps.
If not, try to do some testing by unchecking some of options under GUI->Def+ ->advanced->Def+ settings->monitor settings.
Also try to set Image execution control level (GUI->Def+ ->advanced->image execution control settings to “normal” or “disabled”).

Hi goodbrazer.
I tried it with settings off and on, its funny but they seem ok, however if i open internet explorer as well iexplore.exe uses about 128,000k !! maybe running webcam, Windows live, CPF3 and playing games on pogo at the same time is putting a bit too much strain on my sys !! Although without CPF3 i can do all of those things quite happily.
I even disabled def+ but it didnt make much difference, which i have to say is quite good really.

Just ran everything together without CPF3 and browser stayed at around 90,000 ? and CPU stayed around 68 to 96%

Maybe firewall or D+ has a lot of stuff to check/control in this case and that’s why CFP raises cpu load. And as system is already heavily loaded this results in that system crawls :slight_smile:

I think your’e right , and anyway i rarely push my sys like that often, and to be honest with CPF3 completley off , (even with my Antivirus and Router) i felt a bit bare. eeek lol. :smiley: