Well, Ok, I used to use Zone ALarm firewall, not any real problems to shout about.
But I noticed a news group Item about firewalls and the name “Comodo” was mentioned, so I gave it a look see.

I gave it a go over a week and compared to ZoneALarm I think I shall stick with Comodo Firewall.
I have also got Comodo Anivirus on my system but I am having problems with Thunderbird 1.5.06 every time i run it, so I think I shall wait for the updated version to come out next month to see how it goes.

But I am very pleased with CPF, I like it better than a few others I have tried over the few years.
The present version I am using is the new beta
It seem`s to be better that previouse version.

Well done Comodo, not a bad piece of software, you have got my vote. (:HUG)


Hi and welcome,

Glad you like the firewall. The AV from version 2.0 will have some major improvements, such as HIPS and some other cool features. (:KWL)

Again welcome to Comodo and the forums,

Welcome Swift, as Mike said 2.0 will have some major improvements and will resolve the email issues. I still run CAVS on my system with the email scanner disabled as it caught some nasties that other free versions didn’t. Comodo has some awesome products that continually get better.

Stick around, it’s going to get exciting…