CPF with Outlook and Spambayes trouble

Installed CPF a few hours ago, initial setup seemed to be fairly intuitive.
Then I started running any apps that I figured it might alert to, especially if they were not picked up in the scan. When I ran Outlook, I got a crash popup (from Outlook) telling me:

“Outlook experienced a serious error the last time the add-in ‘spambayes’ was opened. Would you like to diable this add-in? To reactivate this add-in, click About Microsoft Office Outlook on the Help menu, and then click Disable Items.”

I first tried simply adding Spambayes’ outlook_addin.dll into CPF. No go there. I tried various ‘parent’ configurations, then tried, one-by-one, adding each and every other .exe and .dll in Spambayes install, all resulting in the same error each time I run Outlook with Spambayes enabled.

Anyone else using CPF/Outlook (2003)/Spambayes (1.0.4) in a working setup?

Any ideas here?

Using the same combo of Apps, only installed CPF today, and though its no consolation, my setup is working OK. This is on 2000 pro and Outlook XP.

Probably not related but first off (just after the CPF install) thought there would be a problem as Outlook would only load in Safe Mode. Spambayes is installed on a user login only as I could never get it to work in both user login and administrator. Of course I had forgotton about this but once realising and returning to test the combo in the user login everything is fine.

Same configuration but no problem for me.