CPF wipes out network


I have two computers running Windows XP SP2, networked via Intell PRO/100VE Network Connection cards, and network cable. The Host computer is connected to the internet (Satellite) by a Realtek RLT8319 Family PCI fast ethernet card.

I installed CPF yesterday, it worked OK on the host computer however it wiped out the network connection to the other computer, even after I had uninstalled CPF I could not get the network connection to repair, had to run System Restore on the guest computer to recover.

I came to the site here to try and find answers, found the link to

and thought may be the answer to my problems, followed the tutorial OK until it gets to setting “Network Control Rules” at that stage I get a different dialogue box allowing me to change the IP and Subnet Mask settings, not the Network Control Rule dialogue.

Once again my network was disabled, requiring the shutting down of CPF and running System Restore on the guest computer.

Can anybody give me help sorting this problem out? I am using the latest stable version of CPF - please keep any instructions simple as my user name tells it all.


Thanks for all the help. (:AGY)

Finally sorted the problems myself.

Very sorry that the volunteers on this user forum couldn’t answer your question in under 24 hours.

Note to self : whip them harder and beat the drum faster