CPF Version 3.

Hello Forum,
Is there any news on version 3.
Badcompany. (R)

Version 2.4 Beta is currently sceduled for the 16th of November (Subject to change). No 3 yet. Whats in a number anyway.

I read on a other forum that version 3 will have full hips.

Some people are so excited about incoming v3, that they are a bit ahead.

Version 2.4 will be multilanguage (good move) and get Buffer Overflow Protection.

…and some type of Sandboxing capability. But then any talk about things more than 1 release in the future is VERY SPECULATIVE.

Comodo are going to try to release CFW 3 before new year (I think).
I wouldn’t count on it, but they will try to do it. :slight_smile:
And yes, it will have HIPS.