CPF v2 - network mapped drives inaccessible

Greetings all;

I’ve had to uninstall CPF v2 until I can figure this out. The machine with which I’m testing CPF v2 is a part of a LAN. I have mapped network drives to this machine (eg drive Q, R) from other machines on the LAN.

When running CPF the mapped drives become inaccessible.

I created ip-based rules in CPF to cover the LAN’s ip range over both TCP and UDP: It still doesn’t work. I’m assuming there is a rule that I’m missing here. My test system is a Win2k SP4.


Hi Craig,

Do you have Secure the host while booting option at Security->Advanced section, activated? If so deselect it and retry pls. If this does not work, then try to “Security->Tasks->Add a new trusted zone” and define the local area network as trusted zone.