CPF Updates opens internet connection, but leaves it on.

Firstly I am very happy - so far- with the firewall. it makes a refreshing change to read so many positive responses.

Although I am happy that it automatically updates itself , yesterday CPF went onto the internet to check for updates , but then left the connection open. I didnt actually want to go online [ i was writing a letter at the time] and therefore had to close down the connection. I was wondering if it was possible that CPF could be programmed so that it automatically updated but only when I wanted to use the internet and went online.

p.s. - you received a good write-up in PC Answers.

Hi overfifty

Sorry about moving your topic.

Anyway, for things like this CFP obeys what it finds in Internet Explorer’s Connection tab. Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections tab. You need to ensure that the “Never dial a connection” option is set. I think this will resolve this for you.

kail, do you know how often CPF checks for updates, like at the start of every boot?

I’m sorry soyabeaner, I have no idea. It’s not something that I’ve paid a lot of attention to.

I think it runs once every day…

Exactly what time or only when it feels cranky? :smiley:

If CFP got cranky… then surely it would try more than once a day. ;D

It looks it’s not much of a morning person, it’s mostly active at night ;D.

Sorry about placing it in wrong location.

Thanks for the advice & hopefully this will resolve the problem by changing the I E 7 connection.

Regarding how oftern CPF updates , I have found that it was going online and updating at the start of every day.

Hi overfifty

No problems & thanks for the feedback on the update timing.

I tried to change my internet options as you suggested and all that happened is that my computer didnt connect to the internet at all.
As I now know that CPF will connect first thing when I switch on , I now just keep an eye on it and close the connection afterwards , that seems the easiest solution.

See also my “CPF Update Issue” (it boils down to the same thing!)

Based on my experience CPF(updat) will attempt to connect shortly after midnight, and if this is stopped, will retry every couple of hours. But it won’t spot (and take advantage of) a connection being established for another purpose (though it will use it if that connection is still active at its next check time).