CPF Update Issue

Since upgrading to the latest Comodo Firewall Pro ( - done as a complete reinstall) I have found that every day at (or just after) midnight, if I am not connected (dialed in) to the internet, the updater (cpfupdat.exe) attempts to connect, and a ‘dial in to connect’ window comes up. Not wanting this, I click ‘cancel’ - the box then comes back periodically, until I do connect (for webbrowsing with Firefox or whatever - but cpf(updat) does not always seem to recognise this connection).

How can I stop this, preferably without turning ‘Automatic update’ off?
What I really want is for the update process to only start when I am (already) connected to the Internet, which is what is implied by the Help information:

The Comodo Firewall Pro Updater will download Manual or Automatic updates only if your computer is connected to the Internet. If Internet connection is unavailable, the updating process will not start.

Hi JGH, welcome to the forums.

For Internet connections CFP obeys what it finds on MSIE’s Connections tab. Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections tab. You need to ensure that the option “Never dial a connection” is checked, this way CFP’s update will never try to connect & will only work when there is an existing connection.

Thanks - apologies for the delay in replying.

But while I have no doubt that this advice will work (as it did for for overfifty in issue "
CPF Updates opens internet connection, but leaves it on. "), it does seem to be a case of the tail wagging the dog: when I go web-surfing/whatever I do want to connect to the Internet, for which the “Never dial a connection” option is inappropriate.

What I want, and expect, based on both the help info quoted and the user guide, is that CPF should only go to check for (and get) updates when a connection is present (and if one isn’t when it wants to, just wait quietly for it) - which is what other, dare I say comparable, products (e.g. Avast & Windows itself) do.

I don’t want to have to shut the gate against a bolting horse, I want the horse not to bolt! (and well behaved ones don’t!)