CPF unistall help. Not on desktop or add remove,cant connect to internet

(:AGY)I have been dealing with this for three days now… I was unable to connect to the internet wirelessly and hard wired, finally found a thread to uninstall cpf which I did and low and behold after reboot I was connected to the internet…
Well before I was up and running on my laptop I downloaded cpf to a jump drive and then installed it on my laptop from there.

It updated and was in the process of scanning and then system crashed and from that point on I had no more internet and there are no icons to remove, also it does not show up in the add remove programs to uninstall and when I try to search I blue screen…


What happens when you run the installer again? Can you install again or does it give the option to uninstall?

There is no visual trace of cpf on desktop, in all programs, add remove. currently everytim I search for comodo it blue screens to a stop error, search the stop error and it does not show anything… I will try reinstalling again i guess, which free version should I be downloading and installing… I have windows xp sp3

When the installer says it sees an install and it won’t run you can use Regcleaner to take out the Comodo keys. Get it here: http://majorgeeks.com/download460.html .

When needed try this tutorial on removing the Firewall when all other methods fail. Notice this is written for the Firewall 3.0 versions but it may do the trick though.

there was no tuturial…

You can try this, go to the C:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security folder on a command box (start, run, cmd)

and type cfpconfg.exe -u this should raise the uninstaller menu.

when I do this the console comes up…
This did not work in the cmd “cfpconfg.exe -u”

where was I supposed to type that?

in the folder which one of those icons is the uninstaller?

You can also try this

start, run, cmd [ENTER]
cd “c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security”

now type

cfpconfg -u

press ENTER

Sorry for forgetting the url: https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/comprehensive_instructions_for_completely_removing_comodo_firewall_pro_3_info-t17220.0.html .

Well everyone, my system is up and running I still have a few errors going on but for the most part I am now able to get online wirelessly and wired.

What I am running into now is that for some reason I am not able to click on links if I do a search, and the dreaded I still do not have a desktop icon and cpf does not show up in my add/remove programs to remove it. I want to remove it and then reinstall but Im a little gun shy because all of the work that I have done to get to this point and if it goes crazy on me then im not sure I am up for the task…

I think I have played in the registry enough today and I think I just need to relax…

If I download the most up to date version of cpf will it replace or remove my current version? I would be willing to do that but maybe later…

any ideas on the links?


Did you try my suggestion, this should bring up the uninstaller so you can uninstall.
If you start cfp.exe in that same folder it should bring up the gui for CIS.

You can recreate a shortcut by doing a right mouse click on your desktop and browse to:
c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\cfp.exe
Give the shortcut a name and there you go.

Actually I did try your suggestion but honestly I could not get it to work… Im not sure if I was just too beat to make sure I was doing it right but I could not make it work.

This is what I did…

Cmd…dos screen comes up
it has my C: stuff here>cd\program files
I get to the program files directory but cant get to the comodo directory


Where almost there :wink:
open the command box again.

You will have something like this


no copy and past this WITH quotes
cd “c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security”
and press [ENTER]

that should work, if not it could by you are on an “old” install then the path would be
cd “c:\program files\comodo\firewall pro”
press [ENTER]

now try

cfpconfg -u

Ok… Im back and i am still having issues with this… I have just put my notebook on the side because it was just too frustrating.
Now Im not able to connect to the internet again, and cpf is not updating due to the fact it wont update. here is the error that I get…
“\windows\prefetch\cfpudat.exe-33654641.pf is corrupt and unreadable. please run the chkdsk utility”

which icon in the comodo folder is the uninstaller?

This is silly, it should not be this hard…I know that Im not a pro at this but gosh why cant there be something easy?

I will continue to try to uninstall again somehow til I get a reply.

Hello Billiam151.
The uninstaller program is “cfpconfig.exe -u”
I hope this helps you.

Well, I am in the comodo folder and I do “NOT” see that program in the folder and comodo is not working.

I just downloaded via this computer to a flash drive cpf latest version and installed it.

the self extractor is up on the screen and if i hit cancel it says that it is still running…

so Im not sure if it is working or not I will walk away for a few and see what its doing then…

this is dumb…

I let the self extractor do its thing and it went away and then rebooted the system.

cpf installed and there is a icon on my desktop but cpf is not running it ask if i want to repair it I click yes and it tries but no joy.

it ask if I want a log i click yes and save a log in my documents.

Now the computer is able to get online again unlike prior to the installation earlier…

my question is… if I try the uninstaller will it uninstall it or not and if it does not work i may be back in the same boat… again…

update again sorry…

it shows up in the add/remove programs … cis is 129.00mb safesurf is 1.69mb


I think i’ve lost track :wink:
What exactly is not working at the moment ?

By CFP latest do you mean CIS 3.8.x.477 or CFP 3.0.x ?

I am have followed to here. The window that comes up after the pasting the words from the instructions above into the RUN and hitting ENTER is full of icons but none that have “cfpconfig.exe -u”

There is cfpconfig.dll & cfpconfig.exe but nothing with the -u. There is no text box to put it.


Hi TamieJP,

Welcome to the forums.
If you click on Start, go to Run, type cmd there and press ENTER

You should see some “black window” appear called a “command-box”.

In there you type cd “\Program files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security” including the " and press ENTER after that

there you type cfpconfg -u and press ENTER once again that should bring up the uninstaller.

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