CPF: Unable to maintain connection to ssh-agent

I use Cygwin keychain to manage my ssh keys. I created a trusted zone for and allowed all activities for all IPs and ports for ssh-agent.exe. When I first run keychain I can use my ssh keys. After a few minutes when I next try to open a shell or make a connection ssh-agent fails to operate correctly.
On opening a shell the message is:

  • Found existing ssh-agent (3308)
  • Adding 1 ssh key(s)…
    Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.

When I change the security level to “allow all” in CPF there are no difficulties with ssh-agent (also no difficulites in Sygate or ZoneAlarm)

Please tell us which version you are using. If not beta, please use beta at https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1047.0.html

And after installing the beta release, paste us the logs so that we will see what is happening.


I initially used version and then switched to the beta version ( There are no logs generated for the ssh-agent connection.
Under “Activity” ssh-agent has two lines:
ssh-agent.exe 2628 UDP In/Out 121B.
The last number grows after each attempt to contact ssh-agent. The remote port varies each time the task is started.
ssh-agent.exe 2627 TCP In 549B
This second line disappears after a couple of minutes and ssh keys stop working.

The rule for the application is currently:
ssh-agent.exe Range Port 0-65535 TCP/UDP In/Out Allow

I have put as a trusted zone and also experimented with a network rule allowing as remote host to contact any port on any host from any port. This rule had no visible effect. All other rules are as installed.
I hope this helps.

Just installed the new beta v2.3.2.21. Is this an intentionally large version number change from

The ssh-agent connection is lost in the same way as with v2.3.1.20.