CPF UDP connection to

Any particular reason why CIS’s CPF.EXE wants an UDP OUT connection to on Port 1184?

This has only started with this latest release. Just checking it is OK.


network:Network-Name:Comodo-ND-10136 network:IP-Network: network:Organization;I:Comodo
Source: [url=http://www.iptools.com/dnstools.php?tool=ipwhois&user_data=]IP Tools[/url] If it recently appeared, then something to do with ThreatCast perhaps.

Confirmed, it is the ThreatCast look-up. I tested it; to UDP 1184.

Thanks. Rule now added.


No problem. But, I would recommend using the hostname (threatcast.comodo.com) rather than the IP address ( in any rule. CIS, itself, uses the hostname… and as such the IP address would be subject to change without notification.

Good point, hadn’t considered that. Noted and done! Thanks for your help.