CPF Tray icon animation

First of all I want to say that CPF is the best firewall I have ever used! (B)

So about the tray icon animation…before I found CPF, I was useing Stgate Personal Firawall and there was very useful tray animation (it was traffic indication): there was 2 arrows, first arrow was showing IN traffic and the second was showing OUT traffic.
When was no traffic both of them were gay color, when there was allowed traffic arrow color was blue and when there was blocked traffic arrow color was red.

May be it possible to make such tray icon animation in CPF? ???

P.S. sorry for my english :SMLR

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think something similar have been requested before (but maybe I just dreamed about it? :wink: ), but post this suggestion in the wishlist-thread, if it is not already there.


The next (big) version update will have traffic rate monitors as stated by egemen.

Excellent ;D. Does that mean 3.0 (beta) or will there be a 2.5?


Well, seeing how I’m not part of the development team, I can only guess ;D that it’s either (if there will be a 2.5 at all).

Will it increase CPU usage? that is something to consider … :wink:

It’ll probably be hardly noticeable. When I monitor with Task Manager even with the current version, the animated icon doesn’t use any cpu on my pc. There will always be an option to turn it off anyway.