CPF: Silent Install Method?

hello everyone, been playin around tryin to get Comodo to silent install and was wondering if theres any “easy” way to do this… i kept getting a “OnMsiSilentInstall” whenever i tried to run the .msi with /quiet. Also tried with msiexec /i “Comodo Personal Firewall.msi” and got “you must use the setup.exe”…

so is there any easy way of silent installing without using something like autoit to automate controlclicks?

thanks… Firewall has been nice on my testing rig so far, want to get it silent installing so when i format my main comp i can use this as my primary firewall ;D

anyone know how?

if not i’ll be writing up an autoit script to do it.

I.ve tried the same as you,extracted the .msi file from the temp folder, used vmware to try various switches on it and the setup file to no avail. Your probably right about using the autoit method, I dont know how to do them, so I hope you can post the autoit script somewhere for me to use on my unattended disc. I get most of the scripts from the MSFN forum which I hope you are a member its at [url]MSFN - Where people go to know. There was one post a while back that mentioned the installer being changed, hope Melih reads this and replys.

This is my first post and I would just like to tell Melih and his crew how much I appreciate the hard work he has put into this product. i,ve been using the firewall for about 6 weeks and not had any main problems. As an out of the box firewall, for the layman its a perfect replacement for ie,Sygate,kerio,Zonealarm. There are only 2 things I would like to see added to the firewall

  1. A method to save,backup your Rulesets(not the registry settings as has been mentioned ,its to difficult for some people).

  2. A form of blacklist ipblocker like Peerguardian. Protowall. By the way Peerguardian is open source
    so you could look at the sourcecode at Pheonixlabs at [url]http://phoenixlabs.org/pg2/[/url]

Many thanks and keep up the good work!!!

yea I’m a Member of MSFN as well, My name on there is Bi0haZarD.

yea, i’ll work on an Autoit Scrip to do this and will post my script here and on MSFN when i’m done. ;D

Thanks Replicant
But I think the way they update every few weeks could be a problem, unless you just have to change the exe file name in the script everytime theresa new version. :smiley:

as long as they don’t change the installation method then it should still work…

Heres my Script, I’m posting it on MSFN for the community over there to have it as well.

hope this helps you and anyone else planning on silently installing CPF.

Thanks Replicant, it works in Vmware, a pop up that you dont touch then installs perfect, you still need to put the licence in afterwards,which is’nt a problem.

Off Topic
I really need to learn this Autoit, can you point me in the direction of a good tutorial, need a script for Roxio Easy media creator 8 multilanguage, sick of waiting at MSFN, also these scripts can be used with Nlite Addon Maker I believe, so you can make a cab file to put into NLITE

Thanks again!!!
Downloaded Autoit 3.11 has plenty of reading and tutorials to get on with!!

glad to hear it worked perfect ;D
I was hoping to find a registry setting for the License, but didn’t see anything resembling it so i couldn’t code it in there as well.

for learning Autoit, the easiest way is to download AutoIt and the Scite Text Editor both available from their website, then use the help file located in “Start → All Programs → AutoIt → AutoItHelpFile”

also the people at the autoitscript website are very helpful if you ever need help with something in particular.

I personally don’t use Nlite, never really liked it… mainly cause i like functionality over size.

hmm… can’t believe i missed this, but i should be able to get rid of the activation…

the license is in C:\Program Files\Trustix\Common\Licenses\Personal Firewall*.p7b

i’ll have a new version up soon. (i’ll update this post when i do…)