CPF setting changed to ALLOW ALL

I was just browsing the internet, suddenly a message popped up saying that CPF has been disabled. I opened up CPF main window and saw that setting was changed to ALLOW ALL.
Changed it back to CUSTOM. What could have caused it???

The only change I’ve made was unchecking “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”. Also manually closed all the connections on the “Connections Window” to see what connections it makes when I run an application (eg. messenger) or open a new web page as a learning exercise. But I believe that should not cause such a setting change.

Any ideas

It happened only once and it’s OK now but still, would like to know.


Very strange, never heard of this issue before, since it went back to custom without giving you any issues you should be fine. But this is still interesting, what version are/were you using when this happened?

version This is the only time I had this message. But I’ve been using comodo only since late december. Very Strange. I use win xp pro sp2, spywall anti-spyware and nod32 anti-virus and scanned the system afterwards, there was nothing malicious inc. rootkits.

Strange indeed.

Hey Hilmi,

Earlier versions of CPF had a" bug" similar to this. When you opened the main CPF window, the slider for security level automatically had the focus, so if you moved the mouse wheel, the slider would change accordingly. It only behaved like this if you hadn’t clicked inside the main window.

To test if your version does this, open the CPF window and, without clicking inside it, move the wheel of your mouse. If the slider moves, then the version you’re running is the last to suffer from this bug, as all 2.4 betas and Release Candidates are fine in this regard. If, op the other hand, the slider doesn’t move, then we’re back in the land of mystery.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. good to see another aussie on board. :wink:

Thanks mate
You’re right Ewen, this version has that bug. I tried what you said and the slider moves up and down with the mouse wheel. First time I noticed that. But the good thing is that, windows message warns you that firewall is disabled straight away. Unfortunately, this was not the case when I had the message. I had the browser window open when it said the firewall is disabled. Then I clicked on comodo button to open its window and saw that it was set to ALLOW ALL. So I set it back to CUSTOM and it was OK. So, we’re back to mystery.
Anyway, it may be one-off thing, and let’s hope it does not happen again.
All I wanted to see if anyone had the same problem before, as I am a new user of comodo and LOVING IT.

It’s very hot and sticky in Gold Coast, hope it’s better in Sydney.
Enjoy your day mate. Thanks for the reply.


It could still be possible. When the firewall is doing an automatic update, even though the GUI is not open, it grabs the focus temporarily (I’m almost positive about this). It COULD have happened while the browser was open. Unlikely though.

Can you let us know if this occurs again.

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Queensland! Beautiful one day - guess which one! :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Definitely not raining today.
Guess what!!! I switched on the computer just before and tried the mouse wheel but slide did not move at all this time. Your guess is mine. As I use it, I find CPF to be not consistent. Same can be said for VE which I loaded today and found to be the same. I fire up IE and VE does not show anything even Google. I check the add-ons and it is enabled. Then close IE and start again and this time it works. At this stage I see it as minor hick-ups hopefully to be fixed in near future.