CPF Security Level change

I have recently installed Firefox and started using that as my browser, thus prompting updates on all the connection rules, with the associated “annoying” popups from CPF, especially as I add extensions. I have also been installing some new software as well; in which I am confident of the source and safety.

Late last week, CPF kept asking the same allow question (I looked at the details, library, parent, etc), and I kept telling it to allow and remember, as I knew the application was going to need to “phone home” during the installation process. Apparently CPF’s behavior analysis didn’t like the way the app was using userinit/explorer, so I finally just told it to block the connection, which it did. However, doing so caused CPF to shut down Firefox, and block all further attempts to connect to the internet, until I rebooted.

Here’s the weird part - at the same time that CPF blocked all internet thru Firefox, it also changed the Security Level from “Custom” to “Allow All.” To my knowledge, I did not affect this change; it happened without my interaction. I changed it back, checked all the settings, and ran virus and spyware scans. Everything came up clean.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts?


I can’t say about the Firefox problem, I’ve not seen that. But, the Custom to Allow… that I have seen. It’s possible to open CPF & without clicking on the screen & move the scroll wheel. CPFs focus is under some conditions is the Computer Security Level slide-bar & this causes the Security Level slide-bar to move (its normally always down… to Allow All) & change your level, without you being explicitly aware of the change. It’s a known “feature”.

Thanks, Kail, I’m glad I’m not just crazy. I may be crazy, but not about that, then. ;D It’s always good to have things in perspective.

Apparently the FF thing is fairly common; I’ve seen it in other threads. Has to do with the OLE automation, which was already set up under IE when I used that. When I switched to FF, CPF has to relearn all the old settings, since the software apps were already allowed to connect using IE; now it has to know that it’s okay for them to connect using FF. A little annoying, but whaddaya do? Nothing to get steamed over; I’ll just have some more coffee. You could have a cup of tea… :wink:

Crazy about the security level changing… no. :wink: And, you’re quite correct, tea is my brew.

Maybe I didn’t have the problem with FF because after installing RC2 & before using it, I added it as a trusted app in CPF?

Hmm… could be. I did not set FF as a trusted app; I let CPF watch its communication pattern and query for my response. So that may be part of the issue.

And regarding the tea, it seems there was a rather, uh, “heated” discussion in an off-topic thread about American coffee, the benefits of tea, and perhaps Deliverance-type hicks as well. :slight_smile: I do try not to cause trouble… :wink: