CPF scored "only" 95% at Matousek

Comodo firewall “only” scored 95 % at Matousek.

There was no update since end of May.

When will there be an update ???

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Hey Karniaris… You Have already asked this question in another thread and I answered you ??? ??? ??? ???

Repeat answer;

The interesting thing is, while Comodo didn’t get as much points as other firewalls (it is 3th in the list), it is the only one that reached level 10+. I am not really sure what that 10+ means, since there is no level 11… but it still reaches places where the other ones don’t arrive…

u can test it yourself with the last build if want, u can get all tools to test it.
it’s not cause matousec said outpost and tallemu are the best firewalls that i’m going to uninstall comodo wich is the best firewall on xp or vista.

the reason why Matousec have an old version of CFP listed there is because unlike others, we haven’t “Paid for a test”. Its as simple as that!!

Like others said: you can use the tests to test CFP to see what it fails what it doesn’t and you will see that the information on Matousec site is rather out of date.


Is there another truly independent site thats tests firewalls without charging for the tests. There should be.

Well, there is


It’s a Comodo initiative and the test are done by the users themselves !


Indeed. The only way to remove this “pay for position/test” issue is to “empower” the users to run the tests themselves and be in control!

Now, if you think it thru, the only company who will do this is the company who has confidence in their product :wink: Hence we have empowered users to test and share these results with other users via testmypcsecurity!


Leak Tests are nothing. And what we are doing is right, Focusing on real threats, and the usability & the stability of a product with great things like TestMyPCSecurity & These Forums with a CEO (Melih) Here daily!

Thread Closed. All the info you need it said above by the CEO of COMODO. :wink: