CPF reports active Internet Connection as inactive.

 I am new to CPF.  I'm running WinXP stand alone.  When I try to receive email with Pegasus, Comodo reports that it is trying to connect to the internet (parent: eabservr.exe).  I don't know what eabservr is, so I click "Send to COMODO for analysis" and receive a dialog box "Your internect connection is not active, Please check your connection and then try again."
 I understand that CPF uses IE settings.   I checked Control Panel, Internet Settings, Connections:  My default connection is a dialup (gprs) connection.  I have ticked "Dial whenever a network connection is not present." There are no other settings associated with this connection. Opera is my default browser.  How do I let Comodo to use Opera & not IE?  Why do I get the dialog message?  How can I findout what eabservr is?

Hi cvbt, welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with your connection issue, but I’m not 100% sure if cpfsubmit.exe follows the same MSIE connection rules.

But, I can help you with programs like eabservr.exe… performing a Google search for “eabservr.exe” is the quickest way to find out what it is. I quickly found out this…

eabservr.exe is a file created by Compaq and is a part of Easy Access Buttons drivers.

Source: eabservr.exe Program Details : Windows Tasks Database : eConsultant

So, assuming you started Pegasus by pressing a special button on your keyboard, then it makes perfect sense that eabservr.exe is the parent of Pegasus as that what it is. I hope that helps.

Thanks Kali,
Yes I do access Pegasus by using a Quick Launch key. So, I can “allow” this.
I expect I’ll need to submit some things to Comodo in the future. I’d sure like to know how to configure CPF so I don’t get the “internet connection is inactive” message when I’m connected.
Peace, Geoffrey

Yes, you can allow that (remembered) without any worries.