CPF Remembers some, but not others...?


I am a CPF newbie…

As I have been training CPF I have noticed that certain apps keep reappearing…

I click to “Allow” and check to “Remember” my setting, but shortly, the same application returns and CPF asks me the same question about it.

In the last half hour, CPF has asked me about this single application four times.

What am I missing here?

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i noticed the same thing. See https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,3179.0.html for my post.

I hope we’ll find a solution for this !


Are you sure the successive alerts are really the same? CF considers the rules to be different if the parent application is different: for example, I have six or eight rules for Firefox with different parents: explore.exe, firefox.exe, thunderbird.exe, and so on. These can result from following links in e-mail, from restarts (that’s why there is one for firefox,exe with firefox.exe also as parent), from clicking on help buttons in various applications, and so on. It can be a bit much at first, I agree, but you will get the hang of it eventually.


There is a fair amount of information in the pop-up, but I certainly believe that the warnings are the same, and by now, they have come up at very least 50 times.

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Hello again,

This is driving me nuts…

Now, I get the same popup every 2 or 3 minutes. Each time, I tell CPF to “Allow” and to “Remember.” Within moments, the popup is back.

Until I get a meaningful answer to this, I will have to turn CPF off (with regret.)

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There could be different reasons for this. Kindly check the Remote IP & Port in the Alert Popup, if they are different each time, then that’s the reason you are getting these alerts.

If you can attach some snapshots for further study, it’ll be most useful to guide you on how to make your CPF experience like no other :wink:


The port is always the same, but I am less sure about the remote IP…

After getting (more than a bit) frustrated by all this, I decided on another route. The file in question was HPBPRO.EXE and when I searched the web for it I learned a ton.

The bottom line is that it is an incredible nuisance, and (even according to HP) it can be disabled with no great loss. I have done that, and, at least for now, all is peaceful.

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Great to hear that!

Just to give you a deeper insight and to avoid similar problems, I’ll try to give some explaination in general.

If the remote port is the same but the remote IP is changing, the software could be trying to access multiple servers but all using the same server. For example, if the software is trying to access port 80 (default port for HTTP) but with different IP address each time, it could be a program like a browser or a news reader trying to access different news servers.

It might also be the software update program trying to contact different update servers. Similarily, it could be a download manager that found different mirrors and trying to calculate the best speed.

There are different reasons why a certain program tries to access remote sites, the best way in such case to investigate on the purpose of that program and what it tries to do.

I’ve been having the exact same problem. I’ve checked the information in the alert window and for a number or items, it’s exactly the same. Same port, remote ip, protocol, etc. In addition, I’ve noticed that in almost every case, once I click the allow button, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to almost 2 minutes before the alert window disappears. This didn’t happen in the previous version of CPF. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have any resolution for it?

Thanks in advance…

Clem Patafio

Hi to all,

I totally agree with all the above. I have exactly the same problem with all these annoying popups demanding all time the same info. Something is going wrong. I do not know!!