CPF RC4 Everything is A - OK


I just wanted to chime in with my comments on CPF RC4. This is a solid candidate for general release. All slowness problems for me including booting, logon and logoff have been corrected. The only other problem was with UPHclean not starting and that has also been corrected. I am using this version on both of my systems including the laptop which is connected via wireless router.

After using many software firewalls in the past including Zone Alarm Security Suite, I can safely say that Comodo Personal Firewall Pro is the finest personal firewall available at any cost.

I would like to congratulate the Comodo folks for such an outstanding job!

Thank you.


Thank you HLB

We really appreciate the feedback.



Hi Melih,

You are very welcome.

Great software… free… What’s not to like?

It just does not get any better than that!