Just noticed in the last beta release that CPF grew the Pro suffix, but could only see translation updates listed.

What makes “CPF Pro” pro?

You can read about it here:

Its not going payware! the name changed to PRO cos many people were comparing our firewall to Free version of ZA. As you know this is an unfair comparison. So its a marketing move to add the Pro to the name so that people will associate our firewall and its quality not with the free versions of others but with their Pro and paid versions.

We have removed Buffer Overflow, because the code is not stable enough to include it in this version. We will include it in the next version as soon as its stable enough and not causing BSOD.
We want to release a version with multi language capability and did not want Buffer Overflow feature stop us from doing that.

So to recap. Its free, will always be free!


I still think “Pro” is confusing and bloating. Just call it Comodo Firewall without any addition be it "Pro " or “Personal”.

People will get to think that a software has to be called “Pro” to be worth considering. This will lead to an even more inflationary use of “Pro”.

I dislike the “Pro” naming.


Hey! Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the good eyes shtraue (:WAV)

Thanks for that info, I was wondering about the Pro suffix as well.

We think there are many users for whom it will be important for to identify that even though this product is free, its comparable to the competitors Pro versions and even better than those paid for ones when it comes to security etc.

So its a harmless move to get the message accross (fingers crossed) :slight_smile:


but on the other hand, why follow suit?

Comodo Firewall Ultimate Edition… has a nice ring to it (:WIN)

oooh, I changed my mind… Comodo Firewall CrossFire Edition (:KWL)

Lol thats starting to sound a bit like Microsoft ;D