CPF Port Forward Problem (With ss)


I tried to forward my ports yesterday but sitll couldn’t forwarded.
I use CPF v.5.4.189068.1354

Here you can see that firefox is listening port:1145 (Click on image)


Here you can see my lan ip:


And my router’s NAT-Port forward settings:


My firewall’s Global Rule Setting for this port forward is:
Action: Allow
Protocol: Tcp/Udp
Direction: İnbound/Outbound
Describe: Port Forward (I have no idea if describe is important?)

Source Address: Any
Target Address: Any
Source Port: Any
Target Port: 1145


After this i scanned my port 1145 with grc.com but result was “STEALTH”
After i disabled Comodo Firewall port scan result was “CLOSED”

So do you guys have any idea what’s the problem?

My actual goal is port forward for virtualbox but first even i didn’t success on host machine port forward.


You are almost there. Incoming traffic first goes through Global Rules which you set up almost successfully. You need to change direction to Incoming.

After Global Rules it will then go through the Application Rules. When you are using the Browser policy for FF it will not respond to incoming traffic. You will have to adapt the FF rule by adding the same rule as you used in Global Rules.

When you are using default settings there will not be a rule for Firefox. A default rule is being applied that does not respond to incoming traffic. In this case you need to make a rule for FF. Give FF the browser policy and make changes as described in the previous paragraph.

Now you should be good to go.

Ok, now it seem working :). Thank you Eric.