CPF POPPeeper problem?

I’m using POPPeeper and my Application Monitor has an entry to Allow all activities for this application. It works in the sense that I can normally do everything I want with POPPeeper.

However, once in a while something strange happens. I’m running a different program (not POPPeeper) and CPF sends am alert asking me if I want to allow access for this program and I say “deny”. Then next time POPPeeper kicks in it unexpectedly creates a CPF alert and I respond “allow”. Then immediately all network activity grinds to a halt as if CPF is blocking all traffic. Whatever I do (eg adjusting CPF security level to “allow all”, terminating CPF) I cannot get my network unblocked. The only solution is to reboot my PC after which everything works normally again.

This problem has occured before and happened to me again a few minutes ago when I was running a leak test with CPILSuite. After completing the test when POPPeeper kicked in, it unexpectedly raised an alert. Although I said “Allow”, all network traffic was blocked and I was forced to reboot.

You must reboot your computer after all leaktests you’re donig.
Try that and report back if the problem persist.

It happens from time to time and not just after my doing leak tests. It’s happened for example after I used Windows Media player and I said “No” to the alert asking if I wanted to give it access. A few moments later the POPPeeper alert spuriously referred to Windows Media Player and it killed off my network access. Since POPPeeper doesn’t use Windows Media Player there was no reason for that alert. It doesn’t seem to matter what started the spiral (eg Windows Media Player, leak test): these are just examples where I recall the problem starting. It looks as if pretty much any alert on any program can start a sequence of events resulting in a spurious POPPeeper alert followed by network death.

The other thing I would add is that when the problem occurs not ony does it halt all networking, my system also crawls down to about one fitfh of normal speed. It’s a pain even to shutdown the system as it takes so extraordinarily long.

I’m baffled as to diagnosing it as I can’t seem to find anything relating to it in the log (or do I need to do something special about getting more log information?).

Ok, It is a firewall issue that it holds on too long to programs it has used earlier and give you a popup about it. It’s also an issue that it cot only close one program, but both… so therefore you can loose your internet connection if you block the popup. The easiest thing to do to get around this, is to allow, without remember. If lets say media player tries to use your browser, but you have closed your mediaplayer a while ago, you can allow without remember, because you now know that it’s a problem with the firewall. It often helps to close the browser, and then open it again. I haven’t used POPpeeper, but if you get strange messages, just close it and open it again and see if it helpes. I’m using the latest beta and the problem still exist, but it feels like it’s better than before.

Is there a bug report available (with url) or forum thread that I can monitor for the status of this problem?

No, there isn’t…
You can do a search for OLE automation or something like that.
If you want Comodo to reply, you should submit a support ticket.
Go to http://support.comodo.com