CPF picked as Favorite free firewall on DL.TV

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron ( you probably remember them from the Screensavers on Tech TV), Recommend CPF as the Best free firewall on DL.TV Episode 134. :BNC :BNC


Hey Marc, how ya been? Great catch on that! That is awesome! :■■■■ :BNC


Hey Paul,I doing fine. I FINALLY got a new computer so I’ll be around more now. You doing OK?

Hi again, well, i’m alive and that has to count for something, lol. Glad to hear you got a new PC! Did you see that kiss avatar lurking around , used by SithTracy? Each face fades to another? Very cool. I thought that was really great seeing comodo on there. Of all the firewalls for a tv show to pick, CFP was their choice. I don’t say that against Comodo, but you know how the media is usually, the big $$ usually get the attention so I think it was especially great for CFP to make the top choice.