CPF not showing up in xp Security Center

Hi (to all)
I am new to this forum and CPF.
I have installed CPF and it is activated, however, it does not show up in the XP Security Center.
Is there anything I can do, so that XP sees CPF?
ANy help is appreciated.
Cheers :slight_smile:

If it is not shown it means that there is also activated the Windows XP firewall. Disable the firewall of XP and then you should be seeing CPF.

Hi pandlouk
Your response is appreciated.
When I follow your advise, XP pops up and says my PC is unprotected.
It shows that “Panda AV Platinum” is turned off…this is strnge as “Panda” was UNinstalled months ago. ???
The Security Center still does not see CPF.
Any other ideas would be welcomed.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Fedra.
What antivirus you use? If you use Comodo AV you should know that for the moment Windows XP don’t understand it’s there (probably a future update of XP will fix this)

The problem (of Panda AV Platinum) must reside to the registry of the windows. For fixing it go to the following link of microsoft and do a “Clean up” scan and choose to fix to pronlems it will find


Then post again to say if it worked or not :slight_smile:

For CPF not showning in your Security Center:

You should restart your Security Center and reboot your PC.

To restart your Security Center:

Click Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintance>Adminstrative Tools>Services>Scroll down till you see Security Center>click on Security Center> Click Stop, then click start and reboot your PC.

If Comodo still doesn’t appear after you reboot, please wait for a few moments (around five minutes).

Thanks for ALL the assistance.

To pandlouk
My AV is Dr. Web.
THe URL you supplied did not find anything wrong with the PC.

To System
THanks for the instructions, however, after following them, CPF still does not show up in Security Center.

Any further advice is appreciated.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Mine says Kerio personal firewall is ON. ??? ???

I uninstalled that over a week ago.
Could someone who has Comodo firewall recognised post a screen shot of the security centre?


JJ 8)

Hi JolietJake
Funny that you should say that, about Kerio.
If I UNinstall CPF, reboot, and install Kerio, the security centre does show Kerio, so I know something is working.
However, when I UNinstall Kerio, reboot and then REinstall CPF, it does not recognise CPF.
I am at a total loss with the CPF and Security Center.
I suppose nobody else has this problem, so they don’t see it.
I am hoping that the good people in this forum will and can have an answer to our sceanario.
Cheers :slight_smile:

It seems to me that your previous personal firewall or anti virus installations do not properly clear their data after uninstallation. So your security center chooses to show ex-data. But if your windows security center says “No firewall is turned on” while CPF is installed, then please let me know so that we can analyze the situation further.


I had Kerio installed before and it uninstalled fine. Comodo is shown in security center (see attachment).


[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks Mike…at least your setup DOES show that CPF is seen by the Security Center.
I am NOT saying that CPF doesn’t work…please do not misunderstand me here.
It would appear that when you UNinstall a previous firewall, then install CPF, it does not show up in the security center as it is supposed to.

Hi egemen
But if your windows security center says “No firewall is turned on” while CPF is installed, then please let me know so that we can analyze the situation further.
If I leave it alone, it turns on the Windows Firewall, if I turn WF off, it shows the previous UNinstalled firewall, but NEVER shows CPF, so it is unable to monitor the CPF.
To stop the “popup” in the systray, I have to tell it that I have a firewall and I will monitor it myself.
I hope this explanation is satisfactory, if not, please send me a PM and I will provide any more information you may need to pinpont this annomally.
Thanks for taking the time.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Egemen,
I don’t know what the security centre will do if it doesn’t show Kerio because I don’t know how to get rid of this Kerio message!! I have sent a request to Kerio support asking why the security centre still sees Kerio despite me uninstalling it. I can’t really make any progress here until I hear from them.


JJ 8)

edit: thanks Mike, CPF obviously does show up, I just have sort out my prvious firewall issues.

JJ 8)

Try the following:
1.Unistall CPF → reboot the system
2.Install the previous firewall you used (and if possible update it)
3.Unistall the previus firewall → reboot the system
4.Find the folders that the firewall have installed. The places to check, for finding them, are:
C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files\Common Files
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings(your account in windows)\Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings(your account in windows)\Local Settings\Application Data
5.Run a registry clean with a program you like or the windows free service
6.Install again CPF

7.Pray ;D / scherts apart this procedure may fix the problem

Hi all,

According to your feedback, Kerio uninstallation leaves its windows security center data behind. Since the windows security center can show only one firewall at a time, CPF is not being shown.

Good luck,

:slight_smile: I had the same problem with some other programs.
Have a look at

See the post number 13 by Sir Lagalot (one towards the end) and then restart the computer and the new repository file will be built using existing information on your computer.
This should help. :smiley:
When WMI services are stopped it will also ask /prompt regarding stopping of security centre services. Allow the same to stop also.

Thanks scaa, that solVed the problem. ;D I now have Comodo listed in the security centre.

This was the fix;
Start > Run > msconfig > services > uncheck-Windows Management Instrumentation > reboot
Browse to C:\windows\system32\wbem and delete the repository folder.
Restart the Windows Management Instrumentation (Start > run etc) reboot. Starting the service rebuilds the deleted folder and the database.

JJ 8)

I would however prefer the following simpler steps:
Control panel>Administrative tools>services>stop WMI and security centre services>delete repository folder>restart wmi services>reboot.
This should do the trick

Hmm, I’m having this problem too, although I’ve just tried the WMI solution, and it doesn’t seem to work.

Windows Security Center just doesn’t seem to recognise Comodo at all, even though the Comodo shield icon is there in the System Tray, and it’s doing its thing.

This is my current problem, very similar to this, yet I cannot seem to find a solution to it.

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you follow the guidelines in this thread it will work providing you have uninstalled your previous firewall & cleaned your registry out and rebooted before following the below steps:


Regards, Silverfox

Well, the agony continues. When I have Comodo Firewall enabled with Windows firewall off, in security center I look for CPF, and all it says is Norton worm proection is on! I have Norton AV 2006.
Nowhere is CPF listed. Is you’re going to suggest any of the solutions above, forget it, I don’t think any of them will work, no matter what you say. You’d better come up with a solution that DOES work. And if THAT solution involves me having to know and manipulate things I have never even heard of, then I will be left with no choice but to uninstall Comodo firewall permanently and seek another firewall. As the problems with Comodo firewall continue to mount, my dissatisfaction with Comodo continues to grow with them, even if the firewall is free. I don’t want to spend the following weeks and months struggling to find solutions for one problem after another that Comodo firewall has. Problems that at this point seem endless. Especially since I’m not even familiar with most of the terminology written in these forums. As I stated before----what is UDP and how does it work? Why is the term “ANY” used in the comodo firewall connections options? What is svchost? Why does the firewall have a component page, which consists of DLLs? And all these unfamiliar terms used in thses forums. It’s like all the people in these forums have degrees in computer science. Is that what is expected of me? Am I expected to understand everything written about here? And somehow automatically know all the terminology? That’s rediculous. I am just an average person at home with a computer, wanting a firewall that works. Without the necessity of having to have a degree in computer science. When I read the forums and the offered solutions, it’s more like I’m reading things written by a clique, than anything else. And one indication of that is the odd-balls AVs talked about here. There is only one AV that is better than Norton, and it sure ain’t Kiero and the other one wtritten about in one post. Anyway, I want to see if someone here can come up with a solution for this problem that really works. And doesn’t involve having to have a degree. if it then Comodo needs to start over from scratch.