CPF no longer working since update

My comodo firewall pro was working perfectly, then since the update went through, it no longer protects anything and wont let me enable it to do so. Im running XP with an intel processor and no other firewalls installed.


Does the logs say something?

What do you mean with “it no longer protects anything” ?

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It seems that something went wrong during the update. Uninstall it and install the full version http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/download_firewall.html

This is a common problem with the new 2.4 version of CF. Many users are reporting that the monitors become inactive and the program will not let you enable them. The program will not retain any configuration changes at all. No usable solution has been provided, as yet. Re-installing will NOT fix the problem in most cases. I have had to revert to 2.3 to get a usable firewall.

The only way I could get the update to work was by disabling on-access scanning on my anti-virus (CAVS 2 beta). After this the update went without hitch and everything works fine now.


Is there any place i can find version 2.3? I tried searching the net for it, but every mirror already updated there link to 2.4…

you can find it here