CPF Network Security Policy does not save a program [Issue Report]

CPF Network Security Policy does not save a program

The bug/issue

  1. I’ve an application installed in a long path:

each time I purge the Network Security Policy tab this application (treated as Trusted application or whatever else) is marked as not present and is deleted.

The network security Policy saves the path as:
without L: before.

  1. When running jdownloader I need to trust every time the jdownloader.jar, after purging the Network security policy.
  2. No popups to auth the app.
    4. Deactivated defense+ permanently and purged every file also in defense+ setup. Then trusted jdownloader.jar in Firewall. Successfully.
  3. No
  4. Jdownloader (latest and every version)
  5. Described at point 1
  6. Defense+ issue or problem with .jar extensions or path too long. This is a bit different than:
    I have no unc path and the file is locally stored.

Your set-up

  1. CIS version (only firewall) 5.4.189068.1354 - Microsoft antimalware latest update

  2. a) yes, updated
    b) yes, clean reinstalled

  3. a) Configuration imported from cis 4.
    b) Yes

  4. D+= disabled, Sandbox= disabled, Firewall = custom, AV = not installed

  5. win7 64 bit italian:

  6. Malwarebytes antimalware - ms firewall and defender disabled

  7. No virtual machines. UAC disabled.

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