CPF Monthly Growth Chart!

Hi Everyone

Because we believe in being open and transparent with our users, we wanted to share with you our monthly license issuance for CPF. We have created a chart that lets you see the CPF growth. Please bear in mind this is NOT the no of downloads (as the download rate will be much higher) but its actual license issuance (usually means people installing the product).

As you can see, thanks to you we continue to be a great success!

We promise to keep on improving our products and keep it free!


PS: The December figure is as of 28th Dec and will increase further within next few days :slight_smile:

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WOHAA…great to see that chart! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Wonderful, the word is getting out!

And the community here on the forums is also to thank for helping spread the word around, and provide great support for those in need, great work everyone! (:CLP)

Great to see how word spreads and how such a great program grows.
Comodo deserve this for the fantastic products they make, and all their users deserve a big THANK YOU for spreading the word. Keep it up.



Does it only show the number of new licences on a monthly basis or new licences on a monthly basis + the “old” licences (=the cumulative number of licences)?

It is NOT cumulative.
it shows new ones only for each month.

impressive isn’t it:)


Very good work, Comodo Team! (R)

Thanks VaMPiRiC_CRoW!

Of course what that means is we have saved our users around $30 Million in fees, so far, that they would have paid otherwise!!!


That really is a steep increase.
Up Up and Away! :BNC

Indeed it is :slight_smile:
check out this link comodo firewall - Google Search now there are 1,300,000 pages with our firewall is mentioned and this is growing drastically. So the word is most definitely spreading, of course a BIG thanks to our users. Please keep spreading the word.


We will continue to spread the word… ;D