CPF messed up when DPI set to Large size (120 DPI)

Hi everyone,

CPF seems to mess up if you set your DPI to Large size (120 DPI) in display properties. Has anyone encountered the same problem?


Hi and welcome,

If your experiencing problems with the alignment of text, buttons etc in the CPF popups, this has been encountered in a recent thread. Comodo are looking into this to try and provide a fix.

If this is not your problem can you please post more details.


Thanks Mike,

That’s exactly the problem. With DPI set to 96 (Normal Size) there are no problems. With DPI set to large, the alignment of popups is a problem - I can’t even find buttons to click on. The launch pad works fine with any DPI setting.


Hey Nolan,

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Can you please send this info to support@comodo.com. There have been numerous reports of this, and Comodo have been looking into the issue, but you seem to have hit the nail on the head. I assume that when you revert to normal sized fonts the displays and windows are OK?

Again, welcome to the forums.
Ewen :slight_smile: