CPF message delaying [Resolved]

I’m using CPF under XP SP2. Only a few off services and only the necessary applications are working on the machine. So the CPU usage is very low.
Only the desired application adresses, protocols and ports are allowed.
During some tests, I have some surprise. I observe the input connexion request through the log using Allow&Log for it but :

  1. it was delayed regarding the wireshark capture by 3 to 5 seconds
  2. this connexion request is followed by a message and 1 second after by a RST all send by the requester.
    Due to the observe COMODO request, the message is never transmit to the receiving application and the RST is take into account. So the application does not work correctly.
    I needed modify my connexion usage introducing at least 5 second delay between each sended messages to gain a correct behavior.

Have somebody already observed same transmission delay ?
Have you ideas how to reduce it ?
I don’t find solution to increase the cpf.exe and/or cmdagent.exe priority. Does it exist solution to do this ?

CPF is a good firewall but this transmission delay is really very important.

Thank you for your help and good job to deliver us a new version as soon as possible.

I found the reason why COMODO seem so delaying the message.
On the machine, VMware was running and was the cause of the message delaying.
I disabled VMware and now, all is OK.

Have a nice day

Tnx for the follow-up, Jluc-31, and posting the solution.

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