cpf make too many questions… i'm exhausted.

all days … i click on the Check “rember my answer…” but cpf alwaysmake new question :-[

is possibile to make a silent version or disable question for parent application?

What version of Comodo are you running? The latest beta has fixed these problems… and you can set the parent program or program to disable advanced security checks and you can define the number of popups.


where i can define the number of popup?

if pop-up not appear …the answer is automatic (??)

if i remove the check on “show popus” …what happen ?

In the latest Beta 2.3.3… There’s the option to show only 1 popup for a program. Comodo Firewall already automatically creates rules for it’s list of Trusted Applications so even if you don’t see a popup for Iexplorer.exe one is created. Do you have the Component Monitor in Learning Mode? If it’s in learning mode I should only do one popup for all the components of that application. If you turn off the popups Comodo will automatically block the item if it is not in Comodo’s Trusted Application list. You can always turn off the popups and then check the Alert Logs and see which ones it’s blocked.

Hope this helps… Comodo 2.3 is a lot better than 2.2 and includes Behaviour Monitoring!

I expect 2.3 Stable will be released either Tuesday or Thursday next week.